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Beth Leber, Certified Pilates Instructor

While there are many different Pilates-based methods, there are six key principles:

Concentration, Control, Center, Alignment, Breathing and Flowing movement. These principles, coupled with a common philosophy of ‘how you practice ‘ being more important that ‘what you practice’ keeps this exercise form growing in popularity.

The two main ‘types’ of Pilates are called Fitness Pilates and Rehabilitation Pilates. It is mainly the benefits of these two approaches that differentiate them. With Fitness Pilates the aim is to improve muscle tone and posture. This is the type most often taught to groups in a class, or at a local gym. Rehabilitation Pilates, on the other hand, approaches the student as a ‘whole’ with an effort to understand any muscular or movement issues It is generally taught on an individual basis and is often focused on correcting and preventing back pain.